Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System Review

Do you want to look for the best and reliable water filter? Sawyer Mini Water Filter can be the best answer for those who want to look for the have the sturdy and long-lasting water filter. This type of water filter belongs to the second generation of filter which is the most versatile and the lightest personal system of filtration which has been produced by Sawyer. This type of water filter comes with the total weight, about 2 ounces and of course, the weight will be fit on your palm while holding this type of water filter. Those are a few which can be known from this type of water filter and I will give you a Sawyer water filter review as follow.

Sawyer water filter

Sawyer Water Filter Review:

Besides the short description of product which has been mentioned in the previous section, I will give you more regarding Sawyer water filter review. This type of water filter also comes with the tiny filter which has the similar job with the sawyer PointOne filter. However, Sawyer mini water filter is more in personal size and it makes this type of water filter so compact. If you want to have the rock adventure or camping, this type of water filter can be the best solution in which the bottle water and the tap sometimes could not give the best answer about that.

Removing more Protozoa and Bacteria 

Besides the looks, I will also give you the information about functions of , Sawyer mini water filter in this Sawyer water filter review. Believe or not, through buying this type of water filter can give many benefits and one of them is this water filter can kill 7 log of the bacteria including salmonella and the other harmful bacteria which can lead to E. coli and cholera. Besides that, this water filter is also beneficial for removing 6 log of all kinds protozoa, including crypstosporidium and giardia. Those removal rates belong to the highest rates when compared to the other options of water filter. The guidelines of EPA also enable them to remove more protozoa ten times more in the water filter. This is more superior than the Sawyer PointOne.

Besides that, this type of water filter also can be attached in the drinking pouch. In addition, you can also use the straw which can be beneficial for drinking the water directly from your water sources. You can also connect this water filter to the tubing of hydration pack. However, you need to buy it separately. You can also screw this type water filter onto the disposable bottle.

This type of water filter also comes with the powerful performance in which this is rated reached 100,000 gallons. Besides that, it also comes with a drinking straw with 7 inch length, cleaner plunger and 16 ounce squeeze pouch which can be reused.

Those are all features and functions which can be delivered in this Sawyer water filter review. Hopefully, it can be useful for those who want to buy the sawyer mini water filter for their additional gear. Besides that, through this Sawyer water filter review,  you can get your preferred water filter for your need.

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