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30 Must-Know Camping Tricks That Will Help You a Lot

Camping is surely a fun thing to do with family or friends. However, if we have no knowledge about it, we might meet some problems ahead. That’s why we want to share some tricks you can use to ease your camping activities. Here are 30 must-know camping tricks which can be very helpful.

30 Must-Know Camping Tricks:

  1. Use Flysheet Above Your Tent

This flysheet will protect your tent from direct contact with rain water. Consequently, the rain will not leak into the inside.


  1. Store Your Clothes and Gadget into Plastics

We surely have some must-know camping tricks for raining. One of them is to store your stuff into plastics so they will not get wet.


  1. Bring Rain Coat

We never know when the rain is coming. So, make sure to bring your rain coat just in case it happens.


  1. Recognize the Hypothermia Symptoms

It is crucial to learn the symptoms of hypothermia. As we all know, the temperature in the mountain is very cold.


  1. Stay Warm

To avoid hypothermia, make sure to warm yourself with camp fire and a thick jacket.


  1. Use Petromax As Your Night Lamp

You can also bring petromax whenever you want to go somewhere a bit far away from the bonfire.


  1. Use Water Bottle and Flashlight for More Light

To illuminate the surrounding area even more, you can attach your flashlight into bottle filled with water.


  1. Choose Rice Over Bread

Rice has higher level of resistance toward mildew than bread. Moreover, we can cook it simply with a pan.


  1. Store Spices into Small Containers

The small container is more convenient to carry, and it does not take too much space.


  1. Combine Those Containers into a Keychain

For more convenient use, you can keep those containers into a keychain. It will ease you to use them for cooking.


  1. Use Aluminium Foil to Grill

No need to bother yourself by bringing frying pan or pot. Just use aluminium foil to cook your food.


  1. Cover Your Plate with Aluminium Foil

Too lazy to wash your cutlery? Then you can just cover them with aluminium foil.


  1. Use Snack Package as Your Plate

If you bring some snacks, do not dispose the packages. You can use them as plates to eat.


  1. Bring Oreo for Marshmallow

Roasted marshmallow will taste more delicious if you combine it with oreo. Just tuck it in between the biscuits.


  1. Brew Your Coffee with Dental Floss and Coffee Filter

Put the coffee powder into the filter, wrap and tie it with the floss, and brew it like tea bag.


  1. Apply Coffee Powder to Dismiss Smelly Odor

After brewing the coffee, do not waste the dregs as you can use it to remove bad odor.


  1. Use Rainwater for Cooking/Drinking

Before using the rainwater, you have to filter them first to ensure its sanitation.


  1. Use Fresh Herbs for Flavour

Fresh herbs are much easier to use to add flavours to our food than using marinade.


  1. Know Poisonous Plants

Sure some plants in the forest are edible. But, you must know which of them are poisonous too.


  1. Use Empty & Small Plastic Bottle in Bright Color for Fishing

You can use it as a float. Its bright color aims to attract fishes to take the bite.


  1. Use Foam Tiles As Your Sleeping Mat

The purpose is to give you a really good sleep without feeling the tough ground.


  1. Use a Pile of Clothes As Your Pillow

Instead of adding your carriage with some pillows, you can pile up your clothes as the replacement.


  1. Bring Baby Powder to Prevent Ants

After building your tent, you can surround it with baby powder to prevent ants coming inside.


  1. Use Deodorant to Treat Bug Bite

Deodorant contains aluminium chloride which can treat itchiness and swollen as a result of bug bites.


  1. Use Baking Soda to Treat Bee Sting

Smear the stung area with baking soda for 15-20 minutes. It will mitigate the pain feeling.


  1. Keep Your Toiletries into Small Containers

Just like the spices, you can also store your toiletries into small container for convenient use.


  1. Bring Wet Wipes with Biodegradable Feature

The feature will let bacteria to decompose the wet wipes naturally. So, no need to worry about its impact toward environment.


  1. Cover Your Shoes with Paraffin Wax

It aims to prevent dead leaves or other stuff getting stuck to your shoes.


  1. Make a Whistle from Twigs

You can utilize this DIY whistle in case if you are lost in the middle of the forest.


  1. Beware of Lightning

To avoid lightning strike, you must not build your camp at the highest point of the ground.


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