20 Hiking Trails in Ohio That Will Give You Some New Experiences

Hiking is one of the most favorite outdoor activities. Most people love doing it in order to admire the beauty of nature.

In these days, there are tons of sites which you can visit for hiking. One of them is Ohio, the United States. This state itself contains a number of trails specially for hikers.

Now we will share with you top 20 hiking trails in Ohio. We believe that you will love hiking in any of these trails.

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Top 20 Hiking Trails in Ohio:

  1. Old Man’s Cave Loop

Located Hocking Hills State Park, it has several great scenic spots like Sphinx Head or A-Frame Bridge. You can finish this trail in one hour.

Hiking Trails in Ohio

  1. Blackhand Gorge

There are a few trails you can take at Blackhand Gorge such as Oak Knob Trail and Marie Hickey Trail.

Hiking Trails in Ohio

  1. Mill Creek Park

In total, this park has 14 hiking trails. All of them are great, yet the best two are West Gorge and East Gorge Walk.

Mill Creek Park

  1. The Ledges Trail

It is one of the must-visit hiking trails in Ohio. This park is as a result of forming process around 400 million years ago.

The Ledges Trail

  1. Christmas Rocks

You can select two trails here – orange and blue trail. Both of which are equally great as they have such amazing valley view and unique floras.

Christmas Rocks

  1. Lamping Homestead Trail

It is considered as one of the best hiking trails in Ohio. Along the path, you will see the cemetery of Lamping Family.

Lamping Homestead Trail

  1. Rockbridge State Nature Preserve Loop

When you walk along the looped trail, you will arrive at its natural bridge. During raining, you will be able to see Rockbridge Falls.

Rockbridge State Nature Preserve Loop

  1. Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve

This park is 11.4 miles away from nearby trail named John Bryan State Park. This connection will offer you longer hiking.

Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve

  1. Ash Cave

Hocking Hills State Park surely has numerous trails, including Ash Cave. It is one of the must-do hiking trails in Ohio.

Ash Cave

  1. Charleston Falls Preserve Trails

If you want to get the best hiking experience at Charleston Falls, then you must come here after raining to see the waterwall.

Charleston Falls Preserve Trails

  1. Glen Helen Nature Preserve

Amongst 25 miles of trails, we suggest you to take the Inman trail as it offers you several attractions like waterfalls and Yellow Springs.

Glen Helen Nature Preserve

  1. Clear Creek Metropark

It is one of the hiking trails in Ohio which provides the most gorgeous landscape. It also has various terrain like zig-zag, ascend, and twist.

Clear Creek Metropark

  1. Towpath Trail

The location is at Metropark Toledo. You will hike along the Miami and Erie Canal. This trail allows bikers to pass through too.

Towpath Trail

  1. Mohican State Park

This park has 3 attractions you can enjoy. Those are Big and Little Lyons Falls and Pleasant Hill Dam. At the dam, there is a beautiful scene of Clear Fork Valley.

Mohican State Park

  1. Caldwell Nature Preserve

This preserve is like a hidden paradise for hikers. It consists of several kinds of trees like beech, walnut, and oak trees.

Caldwell Nature Preserve

  1. Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park

This trail may be only 5 miles short. However, its wonderful cascade waterfall is hike-worthy. You can enjoy the view through the observation deck below the falls.

Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park

  1. Oak Openings Metro Park

This park has over 30 miles of trails. Each of them has different terrain. If you are a bird lover, then come to this site during spring season.

  1. Monroe Overlook Trail

You can find this trail at Wayne National Forest. Its streams, meadows, and tall pine views will make you forget about the city uproar.

  1. Stone House Loop Trail

This trail is listed on the National Register of Historic Places since there is Kennedy Stone House in this 1.8-mile-long trail.


  1. Augusta-Ann Olsen State Nature Preserve

This preserve has 3.5 miles trails with different terrain, including meadows and pine forests. There are plenty of wildflowers you can observe here.


Those are our top 20 hiking trails in Ohio. Every one of them is worth to hike. So, which one will you go first?