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Top 10 Best Hiking Sneakers You Will Love to Wear

Hiking may be dangerous, but this hobby can be really fun to do. Most people do it because they want to pump their adrenaline. One thing we must note is we cannot do it with any kinds of shoes. In this case, the most proper shoes for it is sneakers. Not only is it comfortable, but also able to ensure our safety while hiking. Speaking of which, now we will share with you our top 10 best hiking sneakers. Check them out to find the ones that suit you really well.

Top 10 Best Sneakers For Hiking:

Best Hiking Sneakers For Men:

Mohem Men’s Titans Casual Trail Sneakers Review:

These sneakers from Mohem is quite different from the others. This one is pure handmade. It uses high quality materials, which are leather and premium lycra net cloth. Every shoe from Mohem has a trademark number which proves its originality. There are 4 colors you can select here such as black, gray, light brown, and dark brown. The available sizes here are from 7D to 12D. It has a great quality, but the price is still affordable, which is around $39.99 – $43.99.

best hiking sneakers

The air mesh at the upper side lets the air flows through the shoes. Every material used in this shoes is very comfortable as well as durable. The rubber outsole features Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) which provides you a better stability and protection.

Pros and Cons:

These shoes are really amazing that it seems to have no cons at all. Instead, it gives a lot of pros that you can enjoy. For example, it is so comfortable and lightweight. We can even apply it for daily routine. The price is not costive despite of its top quality.

Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Review:

For men, you can try on Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator. Most part of the shoes are from synthetic leather. This fabric is water-resistant so you can wear it even in raining season without getting wet inside. Meanwhile, the uppper side uses mesh fabric. Similar with the first choice, the sole is also from Vibram. That includes the Air Cushion midsole. Both of the toe bumper and heel counter are made of rubber. This shoes are available in a wide variety of colors such as black night, walnut, earth, granite/lantern, carbon, grey rust, and many more. The selection of the size you can pick here is from 7D to 11.5W. You can purchase this pair of best hiking sneakers in price range of $57.00 – $137.85.

best sneakers for hiking

The reason behind its Ventilator call is because of the mesh fabric. The air will come in and out through the lining when you are applying it. The rubber bumper and counter will provide you a great protection for your toe and heel. Furthermore, its M Select Fresh will keep the freshness of the shoes away from microbes, sweat, and stinky odor.

Pros and Cons:

The pros here are how comfortable and supportive the sneakers can be. In addition, the design is quite fashionable to wear on non-sporty event. In spite of these pros, the con we must deal with in these shoes is its weak material. It is so weak that the shoes will get damage after one or two months use. What’s more is that not all men will find it suitable with their feet. Some users might experience blister.

Adidas Outdoor Men’s AX2 Review:

The next option of best hiking sneakers for men is Adidas Outdoor Men’s AX2. The first thing that we really like from these sneakers is the simple yet cool design. There is the signature pattern of the brand, 3 lines, along with the AX2 on the side of the shoes. The other best part in this type is the color combination. For example, there is one in colors of shock blue/black/unity blue or tech steel/navy/black. About the size, it comes with range from 6D to 14D. The price for this one is $38.00 – $149.95.

best hiking sneakers

There is one feature all hikers will love from these Adidas shoes. That is the rubber outsole. The outsole has some small bulges which can be really helpful in hiking for taking steps. In addition, the rubber material has a great ability in wet condition. This allows you to walk on slippery surfaces without struggling.

Pros and Cons:

Besides being good looking, the other pros of it are its comfortable cushion midsole and supportive arching. Not to mention, it is also quite light to put on. The only problem here is its weak sole. We have said the rubber sole is great, but this function will not stay last. It might be detached in one month even if you only apply them for daily use.

Merrell Men’s Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Sneaker Review:

These other sneakers from Merrell are made of leather and fabric, while the sole is from rubber. There are some bulges in oval shape underneath. They spread all over from the heel to the toe. Furthermore, the shoes have a set of stretchy laces which you can adjust the fit. There are 3 colors you can select here, and they are black, granite, and kangaroo. The size for this is from 7D to 15D, and the cost is $86.84 – $114.95.

best sneakers for hiking

We must say that it can be the best sneakers for hiking. The reason is because of the bulges all over the soles. They will assist you in hiking with high stability. In the meantime, you can wear these shoes for any kinds of conditions, dry or wet, thanks to its M Select Grip.

Pros and Cons:

The main pro of the shoes is obviously the M Select Grip. It provides you a high slip-resistant whether in wet or dry conditions. This feature also makes the shoes to be durable. But, the durability is only valid for the outside. The inner liner has a weak material that it will break in one month for daily use only.

Columbia Men’s Plains Ridge Trail Shoe Review:

Compared to the other sneakers for men here, Columbia Men’s Plains Ridge Hiking Shoe has a low-cut collar. The material is from leather and mesh fabric. The fabric uses webbing technique which results the air to come in and out. There are 2 types of soles applied in this product, which are Techlite midsole and Omni-Grip outsole. These shoes are available in 2 kinds of colors, which are grill/sanguine and cordovan/squash. The size comes with various options started from 7D to 14D. These hiking sneakers can cost you around $40.15 – $120.04.

best hiking sneakers

The features of the shoes are webbing overlay, Techlite midsole, and Omni-Grip outsole. Webbing overlays make the shoes become more breatheable. The midsole will provide such delicate comfort when you are putting it on. And, the Omni-Grip rubber outsole will leave no marks on the floor at all.

Pros and Cons:

The pros are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It also fits most feet sizes very well. It is not too tight or loose. The materials are quite durable too, except for the sole. The sole may not leave any marks, but sadly, the seam is a bit weaker. That is the only con it has.

Fila Men’s Ascente 15 Trail Running Shoe Review:

Fila is another brand where you can get the best sneakers for hiking like this type. The material is synthetic leather, including the sole. The platform of it is approximately 0.75 inches, and the heels are about 1.25 inches. The tongue and collar part have padding feature. There are several color combinations you can pick in these shoes like black/pewter/vibrant orange. The size varies from 7D to 11.5D. You can purchase the sneakers with price range between $29.99 – $75.00.

best sneakers for hiking

We have said that these sneakers are from leather and mesh fabric. But, it also has canvas material which is quite durable. This pair also has lace-up closure along with a pull tab on the heel to ease your feet slip into the shoes. The cushion insole is comfortable, and the rubber outsole is able to handle all kinds of terrains.

Pros and Cons:

The pro of the shoes is that you can use it all day long in busy situation. It has a good grip on slippery floor. All the good quality comes with such friendly price. The best pro of it is probably that it has no cons at all.

Featured Sneaker:

Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator 

Here is another Ventilator shoes for men. Some parts of it are from mesh fabric, and some are from synthetic leather. It has the ability of water resistance. The insole has such a comfortable cushion. The same thing goes with the rubber outsole. The design of it is really catchy that you can wear it to places like department store. Moreover, it looks even cooler with its variety of colors like beluga ginger, canteen BOA, olive, etc. The size is between 7D to 11.5W, while the price is $57.00 – $137.85.

best sneakers for hiking

These best sneakers for hiking have several awesome features. First, its M Select Fresh is capable to make your shoes stay fresh and free from germs. Second, the rubber bumper and counter will support your toes and heels really well. Last but not least, besides protection, the outsole has such a strong grip for wet condition.

One of the best pros from these shoes is the performance. The material is very comfortable to wear, and the arches can support every step you took very well. However, despite of the comfort you can get from the material, it cannot last long. The shoes have such a weak material that it can get damaged after using it for 1 or 2 months.

Best Hiking Sneakers For Women:

Merrell Women’s Siren Sport Review:

Let’s start with the ladies. Our first recommendation of best sneakers for hiking is Merrell Women’s Siren Sport. This shoes is made of leather as well as mesh fabric. It uses Vibram sole. It is a popular brand which are quite famous for their shoe soles specially for hiking. That is the outsole. The insole is using a footbed from Ortholite that is quite anatomical. The Omni-Fit lacing system allows you to adjust the tightness as you want. Moreover, it will give you a well-secured wrap and support your arch perfectly. There are 4 colors you can choose from these sneakers. Those are black/pink, black/purple, skylab, and olive. The available size is from 5B to 11B. The range of price you must prepare for it is between $49.95 – $100.00.

best sneakers for hiking

There are several features equipped in these sneakers. Two of them are the mesh fabric and M Select Fresh. This shoes has such wicking lining mesh that enables your feet to breathe. The M Select Fresh is an antimicrobial agent. Its main function is to prevent sweat and smelly odor which cause germs nesting in the shoes.

Pros and Cons:

The pro of these shoes are definitely the fact how they are so comfortable. Moreover, its lightweight can support you perfectly even when your feet got hurt. Unfortunately, these pros come with cons too. The con of it is its durability. To illustrate it, the seam of the sole can easily break within only a couple of month usage.

Adidas Outdoor Women’s AX2 Review:

Whenever you are looking for sporty shoes, try to search on Adidas. This brand is well-known for such shoes. For hiking purpose, we suggest you to have a look at Adidas Outdoor Women’s AX2. It is another best hiking sneakers for women. The material used in this type is the combination between textile and synthetic. The rubber sole has the ability of strong grip in wet condition. The midsole is using EVA type for long term cushioning. On top of the insole, there is molded sockliner which is able to increase the comfort and fit for your feet. These shoes come with various attractive color fusions like black/super blush/prism blue or vista grey/green glow/black. The size are from 6B to 11B. This one will cost you around $41.00 – $154.00.

best hiking sneakers

One of the best features from the sneakers are the rubber outsole. This material has a super high traction which creates an optimal grip in wet area. That means you will not make a slip quite often by wearing them. This feature is certainly helpful for hikers.

Pros and Cons:

The pro you will enjoy from the shoes is its extra room. If you try it on, you will realize how your toes can move more freely. But, this extra room can be the con as well. Some people find it quite problematic since the shoes become too big. Consequently, they cannot do their activities very well with it.

Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Air Mesh Hiking Shoe Review:

The next best hiking sneakers is from the brand Ahnu. Similar with Adidas, this one also has an attractive design. You can see it right away from the unique color variation such as tropical teal, dark citron, astral aura, and many others. The material used for this one is nubuck leather and mesh fabric, and the sole is from rubber. The size charts available here are started from 5B to 11B. About the price, you can buy it with $57.35 – $129.95.

best hiking sneakers

These Ahnu sneakers have some great features. Thanks to its mesh fabric, your feet can breathe with the air coming in and out. That will prevent your feet from getting hot and sweaty. This item also features adjustable heel straps. It aims to let your feet slip through the shoes easily.

Pros and Cons:

The pros of these hiking sneakers are certainly the design and the color. The arch support is also quite beneficial for some users. However, this can turn out to be the con itself as some users found it quite inconsistent. Moreover, the fact that the heels can seperate in a few months adds the cons of the shoes.

Reasons to Bring Best Compact Binoculars With These Sneakers:

If you want to wear one of these best sneakers for hiking, do not forget to bring compact binoculars with you. And, make sure that they are the best one. Why?

First, this type of binoculars is small enough to keep in our bag. Most importantly, we can take it out immediately when there is an opportunity for that. Second, its light weight eases us to hold and use anytime we want. Moreover, we can use it with only one hand while the other hand is free to carry other stuff. All in all, they are suitable for hiking to watch beautiful landscape.

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That’s all the best hiking sneakers you can consider. Each of them is similar yet different with their own special features for hiking or other activities. So, which one will you buy?