15 Best Campsite in Iceland That You Will Love to Visit

Are you feeling bored now? Then break the boredom by doing some outdoor activities. There are plenty of them which you can choose depending on your favorite. If you ask our opinion, we think camping will be a great and fun thing to do.

Who does not love staying outside with the landscape of nature? Not to mention, sleeping under the sheen of starlight can be really cool. In addition, you can also do some great activities during the camping. For example, you can do a little adventure, bird watching, nature photography, and many more.

In this world, almost every country has their own campsite. Each of them has a number of campsites specially for tourists or camp lovers. One of the countries which has the best spots for that is Iceland. Now, we will share with you 15 best campsite in Iceland that will make you want to go there.

15 best campsite in Iceland

  1. Vatnajokull National Park

Vatnajokull National Park is the best campsite in Iceland. You can see the largest glacier in Europe. The glacial valleys and canyons will surely amaze you.

Vatnajokull National Park

  1. Asbyrgi

Asbyrgi has such unique shape of canyons filled with a large amount of trees. The campsite here is full of services, including golf and other summer activities.


  1. Djupivogur

Djupivogur is the best campsite in Iceland where you can enjoy a wonderful view of harbour. The village here offers some basic recreational facilities like their new swimming pool.


  1. Latrabjarg

Latrabjarg is the campsite located in Breiavik where you can witness mountain views. It is a must-visit spot if you need modern camping services like shower, kitchen, etc.


  1. Geysir

Geysir is the one you must choose for a peaceful campsite with beautiful view. It also has features like playground for kids, walking paths, and even horse rental.


  1. Hofn

Hofn has beautiful views of glacier and mountains all around. Its services are also the reason why it is the best campsite in Iceland. You can shower and even buy some groceries in nearby store.


  1. Fjalladyrd

In Fjalladyrd, it offers you such beautiful and quiet environment. It main tourist attraction is the Queen of Icelandic Mountains known as Mount Herdubreid.


  1. Egilsstadir

The next best campsite in Iceland, Egilsstadir, will spoil you with its wonderful natural view to travel around. You can take short day trips from the forest to the town.


  1. Sandgerdi

Sandgerdi has most facilities which will ease all campers such as toilets and outdoor sinks. In this campsite, you can do your fishing hobby at the harbour.


  1. Husafell

Husafell is very popular for its family campsite in the forest. Although it is in the forest, its location is still near with facilities like restaurant and shop.


  1. Reydarfjodur

In Reydarfjordur, you will find a romantic duck pond which you can hang around with a boat. This site also has electricity for those who use camping cars.


  1. Pakgil

Not only you can do camping with huts in Pakgil, but also with RV. What’s more amazing here is its location near a natural cave where 60 people can use it as a dining area.


  1. Reykjavik Eco Campsite

There is no need to book this best campsite in Iceland. You camp in this 5-star campsite either with tents, cabins, cars, or even caravans.

Reykjavik Eco Campsite

  1. Hellissandur

Like other campsites, Hellisandur has facilities such as shower and toilets. About the view, it has a beautiful lava field known as Sandahraun.


  1. Borgarnes

Borgarnes is one of the most beautiful campsites you must visit. It has such unique atmosphere in the evening. Moreover, you might get a chance to see the beauty of aurora here.


Those are only a few of the best campsite in Iceland you can try to visit. Most of them have quite similar facilities. But, each of them has their own tourism attraction. It could be mountains, glacier, canyons, aurora and many more. All in all, you will have a great time in either of these campsites.