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5 Best Camping Backpack Reviews

Backpacks are very specific for each person

There is no need to invest a lot when you know where to go and what things you are going to need. The first one of them is the backpack. When choosing a backpack, you have to think about the clothing, tools, and food you are going to bring with you. Also, you have to think about your body, because if you are too small, big backpacks may get you uncomfortable. And the opposite if you are tall. Here I’ve written a short review about best camping backpack.

5 best camping backpack For Your Next Travel

Ripcord Hydration Pack Review

Camping is usually not a casual thing, so you have to assure you are going to have the necessary amount of water with you in order to not get dehydrated. This pack counts with a 2L hydration reservoir with an insulated hose that can be attached to left or right shoulder strap for easy hydration.

The external part is well made. The material of this pack is reflective so is ideal for hikers, bikers so they can be seen if need it. While you are walking outdoor in the trip there are people that like to listen to music and this back has a headphone jack pocket.

On the inside part, you have a frontal pocket medium size where you can put the things you want to catch quickly like snacks. It has a removal pocket where you can put your ID documentation or cards. Also has pockets to your cell phone or devices. It is filled with little and medium-sized pockets that are mostly for food and that kind of things. Also, it has a full large pocket for the sleeping bag if you are going to stay out.

Sierra day backpack review

It is very comfortable to carry on. It features with an adjustable sternum strap. Also counts with different compartments so you can have everything you are going to carry with you well distributed. It has two main compartments, deluxe organizer pocket, compression straps, and has a 30L capacity.

In the inside part, you have cellphone pocket, internal organizer, laptop pocket (just in case you want to bring it), mesh pocket and side pockets in case you want to catch something quickly.

The dimensions are of 19.7 inches (H) x 12.4 inches (W) x 7.4 inches (D). The material is polyester. You can use this backpack not only for camping but also for hiking, school or travel.

Sea-Tac Rolling BackPack Review

This 21-inch pack is ideal for you to put a lot of needed stuff for your camping adventure. It features with a large expandable main compartment with sub-divided pockets to put your clothes there. It counts with:

  • Retractable telescoping tow handle
  • Stowaway harness shoulder strap system: so you can be moving all the ways without worrying about your backpack. Is going to be a part of you because is not going to fell down.
  • Non-slip shoulder strap: to strengthen the harness shoulder strap system.
  • In-line skate wheels for smooth transport: if you don’t want to carry your backpack you can transport it in the floor with its wheels. But you have to assure the floor is not too rocky so you don’t damage your pack.
  • Fold-down padded back for comfort: all of we get tired to have a backpack when we are camping so your back is going to thank you because this pack is pretty comfortable to wear.
  • Divided front pocket for the organization: you can divide your things in different compartments.
  • Exterior cell phone pouch pocket: you will be able to take trip photos with your cell phone because you will have quick access to it.

Jigsaw backpack review

If you like the smaller backpacks for traveling or camping you should buy this one. Is only 18-inch (H). Has necessary features to put in your accessories, clothes and all you will need to camp. It is pretty ergonomic so you will be comfortable with it. It has multiple compartments to organize your things. If you are short is going to be really good for you.

The special thing about this backpack is its suggested age. It can last more than 12 years (obviously, everything depends on how you take care of it). So you can make a little inversion here and also have a durable backpack.

Barska GX-500 crossover utility backpack (brown)

This is the smallest backpack of this top. And also is the prettiest. If you want to have style while you are going camping this is the right for you. Its dimensions are: 16 inches (H) x 9.9 inches (W) x 12.1 inches (D).

It is perfect for transporting tools, tactical gear, and other accessories. It has one main storage compartments and two smaller compartments for additional storage to items. Also, have adjustable traps to assure the backpack is not going to fell down while you are hiking. It also has very different kinds of pockets.

It is made of polyester and the suggested age is 16 years and Up. I mean, this is the more durable backpack.

Picking the right backpack for camping is a very hard question. Too big is much weight and too small and all your stuff is not going to fit in there. So it is important to first think about the things you are going to need for traveling and after you have to think about your body and where are you going to go. Some tips for buying the right backpack is:

  • That it has water-resistant material because anywhere you go there will be water or external agents that can damage your things.
  • Lockable zippers: make sure that every compartment have two zippers so you can find it very quick
  • Multiple compartments: so you can organize well all your stuff and distribute all of that
  • Padded shoulder straps: to make your backpack more comfortable.

This is just some tips for you to choose the right kind of backpack for you.

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Our Overall Review
  • 8.7/10
    Ripcord Hydration Pack - 8.7/10
  • 8.3/10
    Sierra day backpack - 8.3/10
  • 8.1/10
    Sea-Tac Rolling BackPack - 8.1/10
  • 8.1/10
    Jigsaw backpack - 8.1/10
  • 7.8/10
    Barska GX-500 crossover utility backpack - 7.8/10
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